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What type of document do I submit for manual coding services?
Data can be submitted by sending the Declarations page of each policy, or by sending a formatted report of the company's choosing, as long as it contains all of the required statistical information for each policy. Reports can also be e-mailed.

What information is needed for statistical coding?
Click the "Commercial Documents" link on the menu bar above, and then click "Commercial Coding Documents". A new window will display coding requirements for the various policy types.

Do I send only new and renewal premium information?
All premium transactions that apply during the term of new or renewal policies must be sent, i.e., endorsements, cancellations, reinstatements.

What is a Commercial Loss code sheet?
A Commercial Loss code sheet is used for coding loss information pertaining to a policy previously processed.

Does TICO keep copies of the policies sent?
TICO does not keep copies of the Declaration pages. Everything is returned to the company once we have processed it.

What kind of computer media can I send to TICO?
All data must be reported as described under the General Instructions of the Texas Commercial Lines Statistical Plan Manual and must be submitted on tape, diskette, or Compact Disk (CD). Experience for multiple companies may be submitted on a single tape, diskette, or CD; however, separate transmittal forms must be included for each reporting company.

What kinds of tape does TICO accept?
3480 standard or 3480 IDRC compressed cartridge with a block size not greater than 32,700.

Can I send a diskette (floppy disk)?
Yes, diskette reporting must be on IBM compatible high-density 3.5 (1.44 or 2.88 Megabyte capacity) diskette. Data must be in ASCII Fixed Field Length format, i.e., all fields are same size and order from record to record.

How about sending in a CD?
We'll take it. Just like the diskettes, the data must be in ASCII Fixed Field Length format, i.e., all fields are same size and order from record to record.

What are TICO's reporting deadlines?
All companies using TICO's coding services must submit their manual premium data on a daily or weekly basis, and their loss data on a monthly or quarterly basis. Losses are due on the 15th of the month following, or the 15th of the month following the end of the quarter.

1 (Jan - Mar)	   Apr 15 - May 10	       May 15
2 (Apr - Jun)	   Jul 15 - Aug 10	       Aug 15
3 (Jul - Sep)	   Oct 15 - Nov 10	       Nov 15
4 (Oct - Dec)	   Jan 15 - Feb 10	       Feb 15

Where can I get Premium and Loss Transmittal Forms?
A separate transmittal form for each NAIC company being submitted must accompany every data transmission. Click here for
Premium or Loss Transmittal forms.

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