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If your question is not answered within the FAQ section, you may submit your question directly to the TICO Webmaster.

If you've had an address or phone number change, contact
Elena Mares.

When are corrections due?
Normally, a due date is provided in our notice to you. This is generally in the neighborhood of 10 days. If no due date is provided, responses should be received within 30 days.

How do I request an extension of a reporting date?
If you wish to request an extension for a QMR or QDE report, contact Ed Guerrero
(eguerrero@ticostat.com) at TICO. Please note extensions are not granted after the due date.

How do I obtain the TDI Texas Private Passenger Automobile Statistical Plan ?
Click the "Statistical Plan" link on the menu bar above. The stat plan will be displayed, which you can then print or save to your PC.

What is the correct format of the reports, and where can I find an explanation of the error codes?
Click the "Documents" link on the menu bar above, and then click "Technical Reporting Instructions (excluding QDE edits)". The document contains full instructions for formatting the data and labeling the media, as well as explanations of all error codes.

How do I get a username and password for the data submission area?
Click the "Documents" link on the menu bar above, and then click "TICO Internet Data Submission User's Guide" for detailed information on how to get a user account and password.

Where can I get an Affidavit or Transmittal form?
Click the "Documents" link on the menu bar above, and then click the appropriate form's title.

How are reporting penalties assessed?
In general, a flat fee of $300 for the first incorrect submission and $300 for each subsequent incorrect submission is charged. In addition, $25 per business day is charged for all reports not received when due. If you have any specific questions, please direct them to Ed Guerrero
(eguerrero@ticostat.com) at TICO.

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